Taiwan-Italy 200-0!

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It’s been 200 days since last CoViD infection in Taiwan. What about Italy? 

Ask your MP to press for Italy to follow the path of the best

Taiwan has reached a record 200 days without CoViD-19 cases transmitted within the country, underlining its success in keeping the virus under control despite the increase in cases in much of the world. The Taiwanese authorities acted promptly to stop the spread of the disease, introduced strict monitoring measures, including two weeks of quarantine for anyone flying on the island, and used extensive resources for testing and traceability.” (The Guardian)

Taiwan’s success in containing the pandemic isn’t a matter of being an island, nor being a country that is not particularly respectful of privacy, civil ,and digital rights.

It is instead thanks to a punctual and complete tracking of contacts (4T – Test, Track, Treat, Transparency), in which the digital component is present, but not prevalent.

Tracking is systematic, people in quarantine, who receive medical support, are all also checked so that they do not leave the house, both with telephone calls and the use of GSM cell data.

Quarantined people receive daily phone calls, and police can be at the door if they don’t answer or are out of the house for no reason.

That is what the best do, but we must and can do more.

As part of a systematic and comprehensive tracking system, it is certainly possible to limit the use of location data to quarantined persons only, and only during the quarantine period, deleting everything at the end of said period.

It is certainly possible to do this with maximum transparency of procedures and maximum protection of privacy according to GDPR, minimizing the limitation of the right to privacy of those who have come into contact with a positive.

Receiving check-in calls along with medical support shows remarkable care in the system; finding the police at home, on the other hand, is certainly unsympathetic but it is acceptable, given that quarantine is a specific legal obligation, even when you are not in these exceptional circumstances.

It is time to ask our Members of Parliament and the Government to take action to ensure that a system of tracking and support for people in quarantine is put in place, with sufficient resources to track the number of people needed.

The tracking system must be carried out minimizing personal invasiveness, using personal data only for quarantined persons and only for the period strictly necessary to exhaust the quarantine.

The system must be implemented and managed with the utmost transparency, so as to guarantee citizens’ rights and, above all, to deserve and win their trust.

Sign this petition, we will collect your name and hand it over to members of parliament in your city.

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