#saveyourinternet #23maggio

We lost 😭

The European Parliament today chooses to ignore copyright expertsthe UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression and most importantly your voice voting in favor of upload filters and #Article 13. This is a sad day for the internet, but we’ll keep up fighting from Freedom.

Representatives from these parties did not pledge:

  • Partito Democratico
  • Forza Italia
  • Movimento 5 Stelle
  • Lega Nord
  • Articolo UNO – Movimento Democratico e Progressista
  • Lista Tsipras-L’Altra Europa
  • Conservatori e Riformisti
  • Sinistra Italiana
  • Independent
  • Südtiroler Volkspartei
  • Alternativa Popolare
  • Unione di Centro

You can find out how the rest of the politicians from your country voted in this list of results.